Thursday, September 16, 2010

Curb appeal (or lack thereof)

I realized a couple of days ago that we didn't have any pictures of the front of the house (probably for good reason). But if there's going to be an after, there's got to be a before, so here it is.

That's Keith, trying to take down one of the awnings. We haven't quite succeeded at that yet, but we're trying. The things that need to be done to the front of the house are almost too numerous to count. But let's try to make a list.

1. Remove awnings.
2. The carpet has been removed, so now we have to patch the cracked concrete and paint or stain it.
3. Replace the beadboard porch ceiling. (See below.)

4. Do something about the gray paint. (Yes, only the porch is painted gray. The rest of the house is unpainted.)
5. Get rid of the white iron railings and replace with something period-appropriate.
6. Get a new front door.
7. Get rid of that tree and those bushes and replace with something better.
8. Get a new mailbox and a period-appropriate porch light.

This is not a short list. There are no short lists in this house.

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