Saturday, December 4, 2010

New stove dance

I am so happy. So very happy. We've said good-bye to the old stove.

I find it hard to describe how awful and disgusting our stove was. (The above picture does not capture the wretchedness.) The previous owners left us with a mouse problem that then left us with lots of mouse...excrement, especially in the stove area. A mouse would sometimes pop out of or into one of the old gas burners. No amount of cleaning with bleach could really make us feel good about using that stove. (I am gagging right now just thinking about it.) And, aside from it being a mouse toilet, the oven door took a bodybuilder to open, the oven knob was screwed up so we couldn't tell what temperature the oven was on, and the burners didn't work very well. It had to go. And I literally clapped my hands in celebration when the delivery men took it out of the house.

And replaced it with this bad boy.

Okay, "bad boy" might be pushing it. The stove is not fancy at all. It was on sale at Home Depot for $300. But it's new, it's clean, and Consumer Reports says Hotpoint ranges are reliable. That's all I need right now. Maybe someday we'll have a fancier range with lots of bells and whistles. For now, I'm just thankful that it's mouse free (and hopefully will stay that way since I stuffed all the holes behind the stove with steel wool) and it works the way it's supposed to. Hooray!

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