Sunday, October 17, 2010

The bathroom plan

The bathroom is really looking like it's going to be a reality. I want to restore it to how it looked before the horrible remodel. We have a tub (though it still needs to be reglazed) and a sink. I've finally decided, after discovering under the cheap black-and-white octagon tiles beautiful but ruined white hexagon tiles, that we will put in new white hexagon tiles on the floor. We'll also remove the old subway tile on the wall (which has also been ruined by shoddy remodeling) and replace it with new subway tile. I have three final choices to make: 1) what color to paint the walls, 2) what kind of medicine cabinet to get, and 3) what kind of light fixture to get. Well, I think I've answered the third question.

This is the Rufus from Rejuvenation. It's the perfect art deco touch for our 1920s bathroom and it adds a pop of color. It's making me really happy right now.

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