Monday, October 25, 2010

Colors for the exterior

No, this is not a cubism experiment. This is just my sad attempt at creating something graphic. I have been thinking for a long time about what colors to use on the outside of the house. The above combo is where I am right now. The colors look different on different computer screens, so you'll have to use your imagination a little. The house will be painted what should look like a slate color (BM Templeton Gray). The porch floor will be painted a muted shade of green (BM Waterbury Green). The front door will be either a light, ice blue (probably lighter than the one in my little illustration, which is BM Whipple Blue) or a dark, rick blue (BM Van Deusen Blue). The trim will be some as-yet-undetermined shade of white.

All the colors are from Benjamin Moore's Historic Colors collection, and they are also pretty true to the time period and the colonial-revival style of the house (at least according to my Internet research). The exterior of the house probably won't get painted for a while, but we are going to paint the porch floor, get new porch railings, and replace the beadboard porch ceiling (oh, and remove the awnings, of course!). I have it in my head that we can do all of this ourselves. We'll see. I am excited about taking a reciprocating saw to those ugly iron railings and bane-of-my-existence awnings. Good way to relieve stress, I think.

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