Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I am officially horrible at this.

I have not been doing a good job updating the blog at all. We finished the baseboards in the guest room, and I was excited to post pictures until I pulled the blue tape off the wall and the paint came with it. One step forward, two steps back...always. I bought the tape for delicate surfaces and had used it without a problem in other parts of the house. I'm not sure what made the guest room paint different, but it is...and it sucks. I guess it's a good thing I didn't really like that paint color anyway.

I am discouraged and I need to be inspired. So here's my inspiration: I proposed to my mother that instead of the usual Christmas gifts of books and DVDs and electronic devices, I would give her a list of home renovation items we need and she could pick one or two to get us as gifts. My list will be my inspiration, because I can't install the bathroom light until the bathroom is remodeled. And I can't install the porch light until the porch is finished.

Motivation/Inspiration/Christmas List

1. Bathroom light

2. Porch light

3. Doorbell

4. Clawfoot tub shower set

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