Friday, July 16, 2010

Boring updates

Things like painting or buying new furniture are exciting. Things like caulking around window and door frames are not. But that's what I've been doing this week for the most part. No pictures of amazingly painted walls yet. Instead, I've discovered new hairline cracks in the walls, due, I'm sure, to the insane humidity and maybe also to the small earthquake we had the other morning.

I did get a caulk gun at Home Depot a couple of days ago. It's a workout to use, but I feel like a home improvement vigilante while I'm wielding it. I also learned a useful little trick for keeping the caulk fresh after it's been opened. I screwed a wire cap on the tip of the caulk dispenser. (We had extras from our short stint as electricians.) Genius. Thank you, Internet, once again.

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