Thursday, July 1, 2010

Reunited and it feels so...cluttered

When my family visited, they brought a few of my things with them. I left a lot of stuff at my mother's house because, with my yearly moving from one small apartment to another, I had no room to keep it and no strength to move it. Now that we are semi-settled, my stuff and I have been reunited. That means we have lots of boxes, mostly full of books and more books, because I am a book nerd. But the best delivery by far was my bookcase, a beautiful mission-style number with glass doors.

We still have to put the glass doors back on, and I have to wash all of my grandmother's crystal and china, which was also delivered to me and will soon live in the lovely bookcase.

Also delivered:

A plant in better health than any I have ever tried to grow

Lots of vases and a small piece of pottery made by my great-grandmother

The desk and chair from my childhood bedroom (will be painted and get new hardware)

A bookcase (which will one day sit upright)

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